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Most notably, the Chinese military opened its first foreign military base in August 2017. It is conveniently located roughly seven kilometers from the US expeditionary base, Camp Lemonnier (Brautigam, 2020). While Djibouti charges the Chinese military $20 million per year to use this base, Djibouti's debt to China easily eclipses it.

The Story of Eritrean Liberation Front's Book of Martyrs. Dawit Mesfin October 12, 2021 Articles 8. "I wonder if anyone knows or remembers Tedros Tesfai Tedla" Degiga revealed his inner thoughts. "He was an ELF freedom fighter, a personal friend of mine, who blew himself up with a grenade in the Gash area to avoid capture in 1973.

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Eritrean-Canadian songstress, Kibra, returns with new single "Live Your Life" - Singersroom News November 26, 2021; Conflict and climate change are big barriers for Africa's Great Green Wall - November 26, 2021; Eritrea: Week of Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women - November 26, 2021

A military facility located between the villages of Tukhul and Wutuh in the Mai Edaga [both in southern Eritrea] area was hit on 20 March 2015 by Ethiopian missiles shot from Tigray [Regional ...

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Military equipment is traditionally excellent stuff; it combines durability with very affordable prices. Army surplus finds its way to the civilian market in the following way: the armed forces of one country or other decides to get rid of big batches of perfectly serviceable gear due to cuts in military budgets, said gear becoming obsolete or redundant or some other similar reason.

On Thursday, the Chinese ambassador to Eritrea, Cai Ge, and Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh signed a belt and road memorandum of understanding on behalf of their governments. READ FULL ARTICLE

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The United States Army Security Agency (ASA) was the United States Army's signal intelligence branch. The Latin motto of the Army Security Agency was Semper Vigilis (Vigilant Always), which echoes Thomas Jefferson's declaration that "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." The Agency existed between 1945 and 1976 and was the successor to Army signal …

Back to Eritrea ERITREA 2019. The use of and indefinite military conscription, amounting to forced labour, continued despite an agreement to end the protracted border dispute with Ethiopia, a dispute the government had used to justify prolonged national military service.

Mother of missing intelligence agent plead to gov't for her safe return Monday August 30, 2021 Mogadishu (HOL) - The mother of a missing intelligence official made an emotional plea to Somali authorities on Saturday asking for the safe return of her daughter, who was allegedly abducted by senior Somali intelligence officials.

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The four entities sanctioned are the Eritrean Defense Force (EDF), the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), Hidri Trust, and Red Sea Trading Corporation (RSTC). The EDF is the Eritrean military, while the PFDJ is the only legal, political party in Eritrea, under the leadership of Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki.