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Boards. Final Fantasy XI. Destrier Beret. User Info: RaidenGray. RaidenGray 10 years ago #1. So I got FFXI, I got this new fangled that came with the game as a bonus. I then equip said hat and use it and I turn into an egg. Now I'm stuck as an egg and I don't know how to hatch into the full on costume form, or even go back to my regular self.

Then you get an option on the right side that allows you to add a game service code. I remember it not being worded well and it only appears that you can only use game content/expansion codes, but you put in your Destrier Beret code in that same field and submit it. Sorry I don't have better details for you. = (.

Destrier Beret. From FFXI Wiki. Namespaces. Page; ... Code obtained from purchasing the Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Abyssea Edition or Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Seekers ... - (J-9) Possible selection when redeeming a Mog Pell (Rainbow) Festive Moogle: Port Bastok - (J-13) Possible selection when redeeming a Mog Pell (Rainbow ...

First off, my problem is a Destrier Beret not being able to be delivered. I know you get them from Festive Moogles after you redeem the code on the website. I tried to do this after buying the game and it only gave me the option of selecting my alternate character and not my main. My main is the only character I wanted to give it to. But thinking maybe I could mail it to my main I …

Destrier beret. This enchantment bestows an Egg status effect, which turns you into a Chocobo egg that can spin around in place. When/if that effect is manually removed, you "hatch" into an adolescent Destrier chocobo (a Costume status effect). While under either of these effects, you cannot interact with NPCs or objects.

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team. The November Version Update Has Landed! (11/10/2021) Enjoy a new entry in The Voracious Resurgence, the monthly updates to Ambuscade, and the addition of Master Levels, a new player growth system. Read on for details. Announcing A Challenge from Lion! (11/08/2021)

PedroGhost 9 years ago #5. I think what you need to do is to go to the SquareEnix Account management page, and click on the "Add a service account", then with the game purchase (If it was via Steam), two CD keys should appear: 1. The game CD key, and 2. The Destrier Beret Key; Copy that key and it should work.

Please follow the steps below to redeem the in-game virtual reward items from your purchase of FINAL FANTASY XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition. Please note: You must first have a FINAL FANTASY XI Content ID (FINAL FANTASY XI character) registered and the actual character created in-game in order to redeem these in-game virtual reward ...

The chocobo shirt pairs perfectly with the Destrier Beret to make early adventuring even more efficient! Notes. Only 1 character may obtain this item per redeem code. Obtaining more than 1 Chocobo Shirt is not possible without purchasing another copy Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection: Seekers of Adoulin Edition.

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Re: Redeeming the Destrier Beret The redemption system changed when they moved to the new billing system a few days before this post. They haven't updated any code redemption instructions yet as far as I can tell. Everything is done in the SE Account management web site now, not POL Viewer.

Join Date. Jul 2014. Posts. 349. There are no plans to allow the Destrier Beret to be added to the list of items that can be sent between characters on the same account. The ability to send items and equipment obtained through inputting campaign codes depends on the capabilities of the item.

Question about Destrier Beret I've looked online and searched on the subreddit but getting mixed answers. Is the Destrier Beret tied to the actual character or the character ID meaning if I delete my character and make a new one on a different server will I still get it?