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Owning a Armour Supply Co. wallet changed my lifestyle. It showed me a minimalist approach toward discard the unnecessary and appreciate the simple. Denny B - ia, USA. Many would have just stopped at the wallet, but this …

Ridge makes this wallet in China, but backs it with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, which seems about right for the price. $125 at Nordstrom Best luxury pick

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The Armour Supply Co. wallet closely resembles the Ridge in its overall design, but it lacks some of the Ridge's refinements. For instance, the edges of Armour's aluminum plates are sharp rather than beveled on the Ridge.

Armour Supply Co Armour RFID Wallets for Men. The Armour Wallet is a small, but, built to last wallet made out of a combination of RFID blocking premium Aviation aluminum plates, stainless steel and the Carbon fibre version has a Carbon fibre weave. It comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and defects such as corrosion and rust.

You might have noticed that the Armour Supply Co. RFID Blocking Wallet is around twice as expensive as some of the other metal wallets on this list. The reason is pretty simple. It's worth twice as much. The wallet itself is made from aircraft aluminum and has a spring-loaded 304 stainless steel money clip.

Every Ridge Wallet has two options for carrying bills: A cash strap and a money clip.Of the two, the money clip is the sleeker, more practical option. You can add a money clip to your order or purchase an additional one for $12.All Ridge Wallets have slots on the front and back and the money clip can be put in either one—or you can add a second and have two!

I have Armour Supply Co., a bit cheaper than ridge, but not garbage quality. Have used for 2 years, no issues at all, highly recommend

2. Armour Supply Co. RFID Blocking Tactical Wallet. If you're the kind of person that enjoys getting more than you paid for – this is the wallet for you. This tactical slim wallet has everything you would expect in a wallet. Not only is this a high-quality precision tactical wallet, but you also get a key holder and tactical multi-tool card.

Armour Supply Co. Wallet. JUST THE FACTS: Design: With a matte metal chassis, money clip, and cash strap, Armour Supply Co.'s wallet is as close as you can get to being the Ridge wallet without being the Ridge …

The Armour Supply Co. wallet closely resembles the Ridge in its overall design, but it lacks some of the Ridge's refinements. For instance, the …

More than just a wallet, you get a really nice gift set including a key organizer and credit card mutlitool. Get yours here su...

This isn't your average wallet. We've spent years fine-tuning the Armour Wallet to deliver unparalleled durability, combined with intelligent functionality. Thanks to our slim, compact design, you'll forget you're even carrying a wallet.

The Armour Supply Co. key holder is a great way to further reduce pocket clutter. The Armour Supply Co. tactical EDC wallet has what you need and is designed by a great company. To summarize: this set includes arguably the best metal wallet of 2021, a handy multi-tool, key holder, mini screwdriver and more.

The Ridge Wallet is one of the best slim EDC carry wallets on the market today. So of course it's going to have a few knock offs available at much cheaper pr...

Armour Supply Co. was founded in early 2017, with the aim to create beautiful, industrial quality, minimalist products. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to industrial design, with a focus on three main areas: product development, innovation and aesthetics. ALUMINUM.