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The Model 200 Top Gun is Safariland's standard Level I Retention duty holster.Its top draw, mid-ride and straight cant allows for a quick, easy draw and comfortable carry. The Top Gun has a low profile thumb break and one way directional snap. A holster tensioning device provides adjustable gun retention.

Model 7390 7TS™ ALS® Mid Ride Duty Holster. $127.00 — $187.50. Model 6395 ALS® Low-Ride Level I Retention™ Duty Holster. $127.00 — $161.50. Model 18 Inside Waistband holster. $57.00. Model 571 GLS™ SLIM Pro-Fit™ Concealment Holster w/ Micro Paddle. $55.00.

Safariland 200-21-182 Top Gun Level I Duty Holster - LEFT. PRICE: $119.95. Safariland Model 6360-83 ALS Mid-Rise Left-Handed, Level III Retention Duty Holster STX TAC HIGH GLOSS BLACK. PRICE: $134.95. The Safariland Model 6280 holster is the base model of Self Locking System (SLS™) series of holsters.

safariland model 200"top-gun" mid-ride level i retention duty holster- right hand. PLAIN BLACK FINISH- 200-83) MINOR SCUFFS GOOD CONDITION Holster Fits: Glock 17. 19, 22, 23 Safariland Model 070-83 Left Hand for Glock 17,19,22,23 in Basketweave

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In good condition Safariland, 070-20-161, SSIII, Triple retention duty holster in plain black leather. Minor scuff mark on front as shown in picture. This holster retails for in excess of $150 new. Level III RETENTION™ holster Mid-ride belt position and slightly-forward grip cant allows for comfort carry and quick.

Safariland 200 Leather Top Gun Traditional Duty Holster. Safarilaminate™ is impervious to moisture and bloodborne pathogens, and it does not break down like natural materials — making for an extremely durable and long-term, professional-looking product.

Safariland 6280-84 Basketweave Holster Walther Right1. Excellent Condition! Safariland 6280-84 Leather Duty Holster Mid-Ride MSRP: $130.00 FITS: S&W 99. 9mm and.40) Walther P99, P99QA, and P99C QA Hand: Right Style: Basketweave Check my other auctions for different types and styles of the same holster!

6360RDS - ALS®/SLS Mid-Ride, Level III Retention™ Duty Holster. $189.50 — $259.50. Model 6360 ALS®/SLS Mid-Ride, Level III Retention™ Duty Holster. $85.75 — $253.50. Model 6390 ALS® Mid-Ride Level I Retention™ Duty Holster. $127.00 — $161.50. Model 7360 7TS™ ALS®/SLS Mid-Ride, Level III Retention™ Duty Holster. $85.75 ...

Judge And Jury Skull Leather Holster. by Kathleen Fiorito. $175+. Custom Made Gun Leather Gun Holster With Bullet Pouch. by Kendall Cross. $150+. Ladies Leather Ivory Roses Leather Holster For A Small Compact. by Kathleen Fiorito. $200+.

The holster is made of wraparound, thermal-molded Safari-Laminate™ which will not lose its shape over the years. A Posi-Loc belt loop anchors the holster to the duty belt so they become one unit for a cleaner, crisper draw. A molded sight track and orthopedic suede lining protect the gun's finish. Hand: Left Hand.

SAFARILAND MODEL 200 GUN DUTY HOLSTER. Left handed( has a few knicks and some signs of wear. Small rip in the leather below the trigger) The holster comes with the original manual, and the side reads 200 B90 MICH 4,340,437 P-220 P-226 From what we have read it should fit: Sig Sauer P220 P226 with out the rail 2.25" BELT LOOP. BLACK, HI-GLOSS.

Wear marks, and scratches, All condition varies. It is really similar to Safariland 6280 holsters. Basketweave finish. Right Hand. Midride FITS H&K USP 9/40 Safariland 6270 Mid-Ride Raptor Duty Holster with SLS. The Safariland 6270 Raptor Level III Standard ride UBL holster features the SLS hood system and same draw action as the 070 holster.

Detail. The Model 200 is a top draw Level I Retention holster with a mid-ride, straight drop cant and a thumb break with a one-way directional snap. It provides an adjustable holster tensioning device that easily controls friction with the turn of a screw. For pistols or revolvers, it includes the Universal Belt Loop (UBL) with the 3-hole pattern.

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Safariland Top Gun Level I Duty Holster - Model 200 The model 200 is a standard duty holster and a Safariland best seller. The Top Gun's top draw, mid-ride, straight drop cant and thumb break with one-way directional snap are familiar to police officers everywhere. An adjustable holster tensioning device on the Safariland 200, allows you to control the level of retention by …